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[Problem] Verify your location?

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Issue Being Reported: I'm not receiving an email to verify my in-game account.

Date and Time of Issue (provide timezone): 09:30 AM GMT+1 on 18/AUG/2019.

Your characters name: John_Lucman

Other player(s) involved: N/A

Evidence and/or notes worth mentioning: My email service is gmail.com. 

Yesterday i was reciving emails, but i wrongly click on that "Click here to not recive emails, unsuscribe bla bla" and today when i wanna login to the server im reciving this "Verify Your Location" but im not getting emails im trying around 3 hours and still nothing. Can you help me with this? And also at panel its same "Unverifield" no emails, and it says "Google Authericator: Enabled" how i can also make this to be connected with my app at my phone "Google Auth" and always when i wanna login i dont need to have problems with email, so i will get codes there. 

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