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Tom Barton

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Tom Barton.

Tommy for friends. If he had any, that is.
Born in a wealthy family, Tommy had quite a lot less obstacles to overcome in his young life.
He had a good life in prospect, with very little effort required from his side.

Yet, by lack of wisdom and just poor judgement in general, Tommy decided doing drugs and alcohol was a good way of spending his youth. Now in his early 30's, Tommy gets by with every odd job he can find. Dishwashing the filth of others in one of Los Santos less popular diners. Driving people around in the local city bus for some dollars. Heck, he might even try to sell you a gram of pot if you run into him on the streets. Combined with begging his parents for some quick cash on a monthly base, he gets enough to continue his excuse for a life. Just drinking the days away...

Personal hygiene isn't very high on Tommy's list. If it even makes the list at all.
He has got greasy dark blonde hair and well groomed isn't the proper way of describing him.
His "difficult skin" is only slightly masked by the random spots of stubble that cover his cheek and chin.
To top it all off, a wonderful body odor that strongly resembles stale urine and sweat.
Personality wise, being the great coward he his, there isn't much positive to tell about him.
Maybe the fact that he is rather loyal towards his friends.
If he had any that is...


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