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Server Queue - QOL Reasons

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The server should have a queue to balance out core roles being held such as:


1) Admins

2) Police


When we come to Eclipse we want RP and we want to be heard when we call for police or admins without a doubt.  When there are not enough Admins or Police on we get what my overall experience has been in the last few days with the surge of players.  VDK and DK are rampant.  My last death was me driving in my own car in the city and BAM!  hit so hard that my car stalled and then immediately killed.  Report 4 did nothing because there are not enough admins online and the queue is too long.


Same thing for police.  A store is being robbed or another violent crime is in progress and even if it is near major populated areas, like the store behind the bank, the cops arrive well past the time the criminals have had a chance to escape and these guys are not fast.  In multiple occasions we are talking 10+ minutes where they stood there robbing without moving.  


Right now its a free for all on rule breaking and crime because the server lacks enough people to do those jobs and allowing people to join the server regardless of how many admins and police are logged in is causing an imbalance.



3) EMS


Same idea but I think less critical than Police and Admins.  Dying sucks, losing your memory sucks, and when it occurs RIGHT OUTSIDE THE HOSPITAL because someone is VDKing in the NCZ.  It hurts that no admin or police show up, but it hurts even more when you also die from it and lose your memory of it.  I watched someone yesterday die right outside the starting hospital doors because no EMS came in time.  When they did come, some like 15 min later, they had expired long ago.  On that if you die... maybe the call auto cancels so EMS are not chasing down dead bodies, but honestly a queue to prevent too many people for the amount of EMS is better.  RP wise they should arrive to the scene of dead people, but something needs to change because with the previous issues mentioned.. this is just a kick to the face after the fact.


Maybe Even Further...

4) Mechanics

So unless you are hacking and can self flip your car (yes I watched someone do it) then waiting for your car to get towed sucks.  Bayview got robbed yesterday and instead of police even showing up the mechanics closed down the shop because there were only 2 people there and they just straight up killed one of the mechanics.  More mechanics means better survival chance when at the shop and also better, faster service.  Not to mention tow trucks to be available for the cars that need it on the road.



Bottom line is that lots of people are complaining about the total number of staff and people with these jobs playing, but they are only addressing it to hire more.  They are not ensuring that they are gonna be around to cover the gaps, and no mechanism ---- like a queue ---- is being put into place to ensure that if we have X players we have Y of the rest to ensure we have a fair and balanced experience


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