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Hey hey, sup?

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What's up guys?

My name is Patrick and I'm Portuguese. 24yy living and studying in the UK.

I started to play RP in SA:MP Portuguese servers back in 2009 (Fucking 10 years ago) when RP in Portugal actually had high quality RP and not a bunch of kids trying to play gangster shit Non-RP all the time. Played a couple of month at LS-RP before quitting SA:MP for good.

I've been away from GTA RP in general for some years now and with University don't really have much time to play, but RP always kept my sleep away and I just love it. Been playing for 2 or 3 days now and server has a lot of cool features and enjoying so far, looking forward to play so good RP here. Still getting used to RP again and in English as not being my mother language although I'm living in the UK for almost 1 year now, Portuguese is till easier ofc.

Nice to meet y'all ;)

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