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Newcomer Tag dispute (hear me out)

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So recently there's been alot of talk on the idea that gun licenses and guns are far too easy to obtain especially for newcomers, as a proposal to fix this, my suggestion is to increase the newcomer tag XP requirement to possibly 10k exp or higher and to make newcomers unable to obtain anything other than brass knuckles, knives (basic melee weaponry) as their first intentions can generally lead them into a slew of instant muggings consecutively of which can be SUPER obnoxious when you're just trying to get out of your car to go get clothes etc, this proposed newcomer exp increase would make it so that players actually have to be dedicated and work normal jobs before just become the "worlds best mugger" - lulw anyways, i think that this idea has some potential and that the admins/devs should take a look into it, im aware im a new face myself and not one with much reputation as of yet but i think considering this could genuinely help the servers playerbase in terms of sheer annoyance.


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