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Hello everyone

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My name is George, I go by g_tara. I heard a lot of things about RP and I really wanted to give it a try and Role-Play a character, I have played DND, but rp-ing on GTA looks a bit more serious and interesting. Interacting with other characters and doing random things in character sounds fun, If of course everyone stays in character.

Rules are a bit overwhelming for a newbie like me, but I am sure I will be okay and learn my way around the town fast enough.

My character is a Russian ( yes i know like everyone else  ;/ ) 30 year old guy ,( I am Russian/Greek and living in the UK , 30 years old too 🙂 ).
He is a chill dude that loves driving his Lada around the city in day time , what happens in night time is a secret.

I applied last Monday, so hopefully wont be long till my application gets approved or denied.

I am hoping for the first option out of the two 🙂 , hopefully we can meet in game and create a story together , See you all in Los Santos.

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