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Hey people, Im a third year university student majoring computer science. Living in Turkey i learned English by playing online games since highschool, mainly played counter strike variations like 1.6 , source etc. hence the slight russian accent in my english. I have applied monday hoping to get in first try to make my parents proud! Played a bunch of RP games in the past, arma2takistan(long term was high up the PD there), arma3altis, even dipped into osrs RP, a bit of wow RP, tried samp a little as a suggestion from a friend and lasty played hardcore text RP in mount and blade warband the server Calradia. Hope i get in and see you all in game! Peace, Salo.

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Hey friend! I have learnt english by playing online video games too. It's still not perfect, but I understand almost everything, and I am still trying to improve myself. The game that helped me the most is MU online best mmorpg, because I was talking live with different players. A lot of people say that gaming is useless, but I don't think so. It helped me to learn a lot of things.

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