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Shaw Wu

Missing Vehicle - Unable to Reclaim - CP Issues

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Date and time (provide timezone):  EST 3/20/19 - Current

Character name: Marty Shashaw

Issue/bug you are reporting: Unable to reclaim chopped Cog 55

Expected behavior:  Able to reclaim it within the allotted time frame per chopped cars.

Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: I can't really recreate it, because it is lasting. It was chopped, but when it was chopped, i never got a notification. Also, I have 2 vehicles out right now, and it is NOT showing up in Mors Mutual. @Dqniel -tagged as we discussed this in game OOC and he was experiencing issues looking up the vehicle/my character. Also, i was having an issue with my CP, but it appears that it may have been a browser issue.    Chrome 73.0.3683     Able to access on other browser.

Vehicle license plate number*: MHZ9EY6Q

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