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J says hi!

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I was accepted into the server a good three or four day's time ago and have taken off some time to get more comfortable with the game since then, now finally at a point ready to get myself officially presented, before jumping at the real RP business.

I am J. Real name starts with that letter, and I'll be playing as Julian the Trucker, for starters.
I've heard conflicted things about playing as a civilian in the GTA setting, and how that might be rough to pull off in many cases, yet I've convinced myself that's a fair starting point for me. Starting off with a civilian mindset, and being affected in whatever direction the story-lines I engage with might take me, will make each engagement less biased (might be the wrong word) for me, as I don't seek to get anything specific out of any meetings.

I have a decent amount of years' worth role playing on various platforms, ranging from MMO and forum-based to tabletop and LARP.
I am really excited to try out this game, seeing it's a refreshing change of pace from the more fantastic or unnatural settings I've usually explored. Being based in the real world will be a challenge, but at the same time really intriguing to partake in.

Cheers all! Looking forward to the stories we create.

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