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Dan Vinzant

Transfer money from "CK'd character" to main character

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So, I was told to make a report in-game to transfer money from my secondary character Dan Vinzant that I am going to Character Kill after, to my main character Larry Marcello. The problem is I've made several reports in-game for the past 5 days trying to get this done and nobody seems to be around when I am around. So I am asking if it's possible for me to just give it to another person that I trust in-game and then have them give it back on Larry like it used to be before the recent rule change just this once? I'm sure staff is busy and/or short handed... I was told a topic about this would open on the forums soon but I haven't seen anything yet. I just don't want to get banned for doing it without asking and I will Role-play a scenario of why the money is being transferred like a debt being owed to Larry or something. Thanks for your time

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