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Danny Tyler

Danny Tyler says hi to ECRP

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I am a 20 years old male, named Danny Tyler. Born and raised in Liberty City. Although I was the only kid in the family, due to a strong presence of my father I fell to have a lot of similar hobbies. Growing up I was quite active and loved outdoors. Going hunting or fishing with my dad was the best times from my childhood years. Seeing my dad keeping himself fit no matter what, inspired me to do so as well. I started lifting weight around age of 10 as I was not allowed to join gym at that age. School was hard, but not the subjects, the aggressiveness of other pupils. I am not sure why I was one of the targets, but I often was chosen as a fight target by the older class boys. Maybe because of my physique do to lifting weights, but sadly I still was not a match to them as I was raised as a good boy and did not like fighting. Coming home with bruises and blue eyes made my dad to take me to a local boxing gym. At that time I was 12. Immediately I fell in love with the sport and what it represented plus the work ethic and discipline that it taught. With years I got better and better and was not a favorite target in school to pick fights with. I participated in several amateur tournaments in boxing and could have went pro, but as much I liked the sport, I did not see my future in it. I still visit local boxing gyms and pound the bag, but I am no more an active boxer. Being a dreamer and wanting more in my life I have now arrived in Los Santos...

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