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Last days of Rasgard Stevensons life.

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One day Officer Stevenson decided to go on a quick patrol thinking nothing more than a casual day.... He passed by a store and seen a horrible image of  2 guns being pointed at the cashier. He made a backup call but the robbers noticed him and he needed to react quickly to the shots heading his way...n1.thumb.PNG.82d04e761fc624837cefbab5b5bd3157.PNG
He shot the driver onto the ground. And after that he fell in coma after getting 2 lower spine shots.....

Medic helped him inside the ambulance quickly trying to save his life... Both of the bullets in the lower spine went clean thru. At least thats what the medics said.

When he got to MD . He was awoken in a wheelchair. Unable to move anything below his waist. He tried to continue working in LSPD. But was not capable of doing what needed to be done.
He got medical suspension untill he recovered. After the words Lieutenant told him he fallen into a huge depression . Drinking and not caring at all

After few weeks he started feeling pain right where he was shot at. He went to md where a medic tried to see whats wrong with the healed wound. 
He was not capable from seeing it with his bare eyes. So he ushered Stevenson inside the MD.


He helped Mr Stevenson onto the table doing a scan over his GSW's. What the scan he found out fragment of the bullet was still near his spinal nerve system and that was the reason why he was disabled.

Mr Stevenson scared for his life with no family. He wanted to speak one last time over his radio to his colleagues 


With patience he tried to save Mr Stevenson. He attempted to do one of the hardest surgery's in his life. attempting to remove the bullet fragment that was left in there

But his failed such a hard task and Mr Stevenson took his last breath on that table. Dying to internal wounds.


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