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Trading in VIP cars & talking about houses

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I think you should be able to sell back your imported cars for a percentage of the credits you paid for it. It can go in the vehicle section of f6 as you have Edit license plate & transfer options already. 

 houses should come bare with no furniture or anything so we can make it are own.

Add more properties if you can, or maybe a monthly or every 2 week mortgage you have to pay to keep your property 

Seems like cars/houses are over priced compared to the wages. 

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They recently said they would not entertain the option of recycling purchased cars or houses, sorry.

Houses can be stripped of furniture using the /removefurniture command, although 1 item at a time.

If you check out the government website, specifically Property & Housing Bureau this is a listing of properties that are for sale, lease or a way to request a new property into the city. There is also grants available.

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