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VOIP will cause a quick pop of audio from those not in your vicinity

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Date and time (provide timezone): 4/FEB/2024 1900 - ongoing in any busy area

Character name: Alex Schill

Issue/bug you are reporting: VOIP will quickly pop in with the voice of someone not in the area, causing quick random "pops" of audio, cutting in and out, coming from people not in your vicinity. 

Expected behavior:  These quick audio bits that cut in and out should not be heard.

Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicatehttps://streamable.com/o0rob8
The effect is usually worse when standing still or in a busy area. After reviewing the clips, they come in either the left or right audio channel and last just a few ms, just enough to cause a loud pop effect or quick exposure to voice on either channel. I mixed together a clip of this happening while standing still over about 5 minutes within Mission Row. 

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