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Change to the non-rp vehicle value rule

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It has come to my attention that while the rule book only mentions super cars, other types of vehicles are being counted into the non-rp rule.

Instead of having the example of the upper bound vehicle value, it should instead use lower bound vehicle value, If you for example have min value at which the rule starts happening and the max value, you don't provide max value as the example, because that gives the impression to the players that provided value is the min/lower bound and not the max/upper bound.

The rule should be changed so its not up to the admin on scene or handling report to decide if the player should be punished or not, the rule should always be explained in full to the player, so the player can avoid breaking the rule in the first place and not be up to the mood/relationship with the admin, because lets be honest, even if we try so much, people are always biased.

PS. I am only talking about the last part of the non-rp rule example, which states that use of super vehicles for ramming is considered non-rp due to the cost associated with repairing them ( Which a very rich person could also ignore, considering said repair or even replacement of the super vehicle might mean nothing to their wallet )

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After discussing this suggestion with a senior staff member, we have decided to reject this suggestion as the value of a vehicle is not all that is taken into consideration, there is a lot more than just monetary value. 

The current rule states that the use of an expensive vehicle, such as a supercar (not just supercars), to ram other vehicles. 

It's really just up to admin discretion and we won't be budging on that. 

Suggestion Rejected/Archived


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