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Not possible to teleport trailers with admin commands once they have been attached and detached

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Date and time (provide timezone): 26/Jan/2024

Character name:  N/A

Issue/bug you are reporting:  Following the latest update to trailer sync, it is no longer possible to teleport trailers once they have been detached as they are frozen. If attempting to teleport the trailer to another dimension, the trailer correctly appears in the new dimension but still in the same original position as it was in dimension 0. 

If a trailer ends up bugged or stuck somewhere, the only solution is to delete it because of this, resulting in time and money lost for the truck driver. 

Expected behavior:  Trailers should be able to be teleported normally via /getveh or /getlocalveh

Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate

Steps to replicate:

Get a truck, get a trailer. Attach the trailer to the truck. Detach the trailer. Attempt to teleport the trailer.


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