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Vehicles available for test drives from marketplaces or dealerships

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  • Who is the suggestion for?
    The general population
  • Why is the suggestion being made?
    I feel that it would be a great addition to the server, as well as I feel it is a realistic and sought-after addition to the server that people would enjoy, and benefit from.

  • What are the pros and/or cons of the suggestion?
    Pros: It would be more realistic for players to be able to test drive vehicles, whether this be from the second-hand markets or dealerships, as spending a large sum of money without actually being able to try out the car can be quite risky and unrealistic at times. I think it would also be a lot more beneficial to players as it is true that people will go elsewhere either asking other players to try out their cars around the city before they buy one, or simply just go into GTAO to try out the car beforehand. I feel the ability to allow for test driving would eliminate all of these other options, and be a more popular way of trying out cars, which reflects what happens IRL as well!

    Cons: I feel like if it was not implemented correctly it could be abused, yet I'm sure this would be tested thoroughly if it were to be introduced which I why I don't see that there is a chance of there being any cons at all from this addition. The only possibilities I could see would be exploiting the vehicles being test-driven to be used for unintended purposes but other than this I see it as a rather positive suggestion with little to no drawbacks whatsoever.

  • How should the suggestion be implemented?
    The suggestion could either be implemented by players being given the car from the selected point of entry (marketplace/dealership) and given a certain route they can drive, (similar to driving test?) which would allow them to get a feel for the car, whilst also being able to experience it in ECRP itself. These test drives could come at a cost of a percentage of the vehicle or just a fixed price which could then be paid to the owner of the vehicle on the marketplace or the owner of the dealership. I feel that offering a route for players to drive on could be adjusted though, as if it was based off the driving test route (or a similar concept) players would simply be able to just drive around the map without following the route, therefore giving them a 'free' car. Personally, I would stray away from teleporting players to a private 'arena' or track to drive the car as it takes them pretty much ooc as they cant be interacted with at all. Im sure it would be a tedious implementation, and Im sure a few tweaks to the driving test model would suit this sort of suggestion!

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