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Cant see speed or fuel bug

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Hello, i can't see my speed or my fuel, i cant see the damage on the vehicle either. I have tried restarting the game and reinstalling RAGE MP, nothing works, has anyone else got this issue?


Date and time (provide timezone): 19:00 (CET)

Character name: Albin_Viklund

Issue/bug you are reporting: Cant see speed, fuel or health of car bug

Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: Not sure how to replicate it, it just dissapeared randomly.

Vehicle license plate number*: YEYZGMR3

Certain map locations has also dissapeared, like certain fuelingstations.

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12 hours ago, xxxJustTimmy said:

This happens to me all the time but it usually fixes by just getting out and back in the car, no clue why its not working for you. Also the map locations disappearing is because the owner of the fueling stations didn't purchase a blip so there business doesn't show up on the GPS.

Yeah i have no idea what to do, the weird thing about the blip is that it dissapeared at almost the exact same time


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