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Unable to drop the carjack usefully

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I was trying to solo chop and use the jack in an area I have used it before. It would drop from my inventory but would seem way off from where I am and I couldn't click on any of the XYZ to move it around at all, rendering it unusable. Glitch responded to my /report 2 and seemed to experience the same thing and suggested the report. I was in this area


and was trying to place the jack in front of the truck. Tried all around this area before putting the report 2 in. Tried up the road as well near the butcher drop off and it did the same thing. 


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Please update your bug report to use the proper format shown below:


Date and time (provide timezone): 

Character name

Issue/bug you are reporting: 

Expected behavior:  

Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate

Vehicle license plate number*

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