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Event Suggestion - Hurricane Event

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Now this was just a quick thought and I don’t know the extent of powers that the event team has but believe if executed correctly this could change the RP in the server as well as the economy for a month or two. This would need input from all sides of the server to work correctly.


Anyway, onto the idea.


My idea is for a few days or perhaps a week that the weather on the server is just rain/wind while slowly building up to a torrential weather hurricane for the last day or two. During this initial period, off-road wheels would need to be equipped for vehicles to avoid slipping off the road, players would be informed of this by Weazel news announcements a few days before the weather begins. 


After the final day of weather, the landscape of the map changes drastically for a month. Roads blocked, trees fallen, the Main highway is closed for the month and people need to make use of the east coast highway instead, crashed vehicles, debris around the map, popular areas of the map being damaged, certain AI shops closed/limited stock at stores due to importing supplies being harder, perhaps the docks could have been damaged as an IC reason for this, as well as this, occasional power cuts which last from a few minutes to an hour.


What about the economy? Now I don’t know much about the economy in the server, so I said this could use cooperation from all parts of the server to be executed. The main thing I could think at the time is perhaps the roadworking job pays double due to the demand for work, fuel costs more.


I can see people hating the idea just because stuff is more expensive, but c’mon, RP server first, screw money.


Anyway, that's all I have in mind, this was an idea thought about in bed so I’ll leave it here and let the community throw in their thoughts and suggestions as I’m yet to see a map-changing event take place.

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I think the idea is great, but the implementation would be difficult and very time consuming. I do like the idea of having some natural disaster or weather related events that would change the mapping of the server a bit or change the way people RP around certain areas, or even change the way roadworkers function for a while. 

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considering we have previously had blizzards during the winter season where we couldn’t see anything, and we already have a script where all the power cuts out as we have seen twice with the power plants, seems within reasonable scope personally and seems pretty cool

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