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K-9 Roleplay

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Hello everyone. I am looking to get back into the RP scene and I am looking for a oddly specific type of roleplay opportunity. This may sound wierd but the only RP I have ever deeply enjoyed is when I was RP'ing as a K-9 unit. No not the human police officer, the actual dog. It was very fun and provided alot more extra RP for both the police department and the citizens, criminal or normal. If someone can let me know if that is a thing possible on this server it would mean alot to me. If it isnt on the server I would like to get in contact with the servers authority who can possibly make it a reality. Thank you in advance for any answers. I eagerly await the responses.

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If you're very, VERY committed to RPing as the K9, you can become a Moderator on Eclipse, then I believe you may be able to RP as a K9 within PD/SD from time to time.

For less commitment, you can join PD/SD and join the K9 unit, but you won't actually be the dog. Just the handler.

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As Waryerz said, it is not possible for normal players to RP as a K9 unit as the dog. Only server staff, moderators or admins, can change their character model to become animals. Certain factions do allow for K9 RP with mods acting as the dog for their handlers, and you may do that if you are very committed, but it would take months, if not years, of hard work at a minimum to become a moderator within server staff. 

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