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Vitaly Gorbachev

Custom Trash Trucks

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Here me out:

Custom trash trucks that can hold more trash and provide 2 mounting points for 2 additional garbage men on the back to allow for people to team up and collect more trash faster.

Currently, Trash collecting does not seem too popular when there are more than 5 people collecting at a time. A way to help this would be increasing the amount of trash on the map, whilst lowering the cash you get from each one. This will give incentive for people to band together and work as a team, collecting trash realistically. Usually a driver never jumps out. They keep the engine running and continue down the road while the loaders run to each house to collect their bins.

You would have to make it possible to load trash into someone else's truck. I feel this would give much more RP purpose and it would make trash collecting more fun. 

Trashtruck Tier 1
Can hold 20 trash and 2 people on the back

Trashtruck Tier 2
Can hold 40 trash and 2 people on the back

Reduce the amount of money from trash to $120 per bag (excluding the job bonus)

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Yeah I tried my best to calculate it and the above scenarios would be most ideal and balanced. It also relieves some of the stress that comes with garbage, as you are constantly doing something and that can be a bit tiring for the brain. This would help split the workload, driver gets to relax more when stationary, and the two guys on the back get to relax while on the move.


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