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Audio Issue NEED FIX

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Some reason ever since I 1st joined I been experiencing this audio issue of where I hear people outside my proximity range as stutters and ear rape like a discord call that exceeds the bitrate. All my drivers but the graphics to prevent crashing has been updated, configured and all yet I can't find a solution or anyone with a similar case. Voice volume doesn't fix or lower the ear rape sound of those out of my proximity. /vol dont fix it either for those in the comments.


https://medal.tv/games/gta-v/clips/1s2pEYBPx0WiPq/d1337y0Zp93E?invite=cr-MSxpZTAsMTkzMjExNjY2LA - BTW lil laggy bc I was downloading a game on a hotspot



please help me I don't wanna grind 100 hours dealing with this bug its making me lose my mind 😞


Updated Clip 9/29/2023 as a better example 😞   -   https://medal.tv/games/gta-v/clips/1wkbIMT7UdoAQ7/d1337iDaaaba?invite=cr-MSw5dGUsMTkzMjExNjY2LA

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On 9/22/2023 at 3:26 AM, ILLYRIANN said:

Hello , this has happened to me as well but not as often as it's happening to you. Could you perhaps try the command "/vol proximity" ?

sorry for long response, I was away for business... The method you responded with did not work, I tried this after learning about it. /vol proximity # seems to only change the volume, however every time someone goes slightly out of range of the proximity, it always has the same db/volume as it does 100.

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