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Apartments near Burger Shot.

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Hello! There is Apartment buildings near Burgershot and Mors by the docks!

I was wondering If/When we can get apartments here. I was hoping to get one out here as the area is really accessible. Its near Burgershot, Pier, and the water for fishing. There are already admin markers to put them there.


Additionally, there is already a space underneath the apartments that could be revamped in order to make a HQ of sorts. It would make it easier to hide, and park your cars in the 2G apartments since its based off of proximity.


Thats all! Thank you for reading!

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2 hours ago, TheCactus said:


I believe there are enough apartments in the server and they are dirt cheap compared to what they offer.

I'd rather see more 1Gs and especially 2Gs.

Personally I feel there is no harm in having more open housing for anyone buy whether thats for, gang territory, real estate, or generally giving more options I feel as if theres no reason to NOT have more apartments. Those apartments are marked to be 2G's as well so that serves your needs as much as any other 2G. However I appreciate you sharing your opinion.

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