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Poker Script Suggestion

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Hey, i think this is something that not only I personally have struggled with but most all poker players have. As you know in a real Texas Holdem game you are only allowed to play 5 cards and that includes the cards on the board. However in this server they have the script to force win for however has the highest 6th card if you guys were to tie. So say you both have a straight on the board and you have j 9 and he has j 10 with the board being 9 10 q k 2 . He would win the pot with a straight 10 high even though you are both playing the same 5 cards. I think its stupid as you should really split the pot, allowing for the player with 9 high straight to still have some coin to play. If you both went all in but he won because of 6th card you would lost all your money on a hand you should have realistically won. I know for anyone who really plays poker this thing is a little frustrating and would be nice to have fixed with some real texas holdem code.

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