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[SELLING] Rhinehart MAXED - The station wagen you need

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Text Offers to 4249662 OR preferably post a comment of interest + offer in the comments below


You're far too cool to own an SUV. And a sedan? You might as well get "practical" and "economical" tattooed on your nuts.
No, you're
performance-driven. You're an executive. You and your homies make a family of four and you'd love nothing but driving with your best buddies by your side in a luxurious four-door Station Wagen that not only has comfort but most importantly, speed.

With an acceleration putting you easily up to
200km/h and the power to push even beyond that point, you could get away from pretty much anything and anyone if you know what you're doing!

The vehicle comes with a nice trunk with a 150-liter capacity!


This vehicle's engine model is similar to the Rebla GTS and the Cypher. It's got an 8-speed gearbox in a front engine and an all-wheel drive layout with equal torque distribution!
It uses high-revving sound similar to the Infernus and Tropos Rallye.


This model has enjoyed a complete upgrade packet, making the car even faster than it has ever been before. Still not convinced? This vehicle comes with a custom license plate!

You don't want to miss out!





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