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game just simply won't load

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I can connect to literally any other server but eclipse, I try opening the game and black screen 2 seconds later game closes. removed basically everything off my PC to try connect and it simply won't work. I've been trying for countless hours to get on the server but it simply won't work. As I said all other servers work BUT eclipse no idea why this is the case. Need some ideas that are not copy and pasted from the support docs cause I've tried them all

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Hello! A member of our community posted the following step by step that seems to be working for most people: 

• Join a random server that will make you download assets 
• Once you reach the loading screen of the selected server, press F1 , select Eclipse and attempt to join. ( You will end up on the endless loading loop ) 
• Leave the game, head over to the location of RAGE MP and delete client resources folder
• Attempt to join the server using the IP  play.eclipse-rp.net:22005
• It will download the files required and join normally. After the first time, you can join the server using the server list without any issues

I hope that helps! 

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