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Parker Hilsen

Lockpicking having even a little over 100 ping is ATROCIOUS!

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I've been in quite a few cities in the past. This city is amazing don't get me wrong but I just tried lockpicking for the fist time and it literally made me nauseous. 32 circles?! Where the green zone starts out big and with a little over 100 ping like I have I have to hit early before the green zone and FORGET IT! When it gets smaller it's like the green zone doesn't even exist. My suggestion is keep the 32 circles that's fine for it taking time to actually get the car unlocked but slow down the action and keep the green zone the same size from the start. Make it take a realistic amount time but not be nearly impossible to complete especially for someone in the city over 100 ping. 

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sorry dude but i highly doubt anything can be done about this. lowering the difficulty of the lockpicking minigame would just mean people on lower ping would have an easier time of it. 

What i will say is i do know people who live in the US or further afield who would have similar ping and are able to lockpick just fine. yes you may have to tap spacebar a littler earlier than normal but it should still be a consistent earlier. therefore with practice you should be able to improve and get used to it. 


In RP terms lockpicking should be a risky endeavour. youre exposed, youre doing something under pressure, youd be nervous and there would be a significant chance of you messing it up. 

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