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In the sprawling wilderness of a secluded region, there once lived a mysterious feral female whose identity remained shrouded in secrecy. For years, she roamed the untamed lands, surviving through her primal instincts and keen senses. She became known only as "Valkyre" a name whispered by those who encountered her elusive presence.

Valkyre's upbringing was enigmatic and fraught with hardships. Abandoned as an infant, she was left to fend for herself in the wilderness. Nature became her teacher, and the wild animals her family. With no human contact during her formative years, she never learned to communicate in conventional ways, relying instead on guttural sounds, gestures, and primal expressions.

Her life was a constant struggle for survival, and she learned to hunt with remarkable precision. As a master of stealth and agility, she moved through the dense foliage like a phantom, taking only what she needed to subsist and leaving the rest untouched. Her existence was in harmony with nature, and she felt a deep connection to the untamed world around her.

Los Santos

However, fate had other plans for Valkyre when she found herself in the sprawling metropolis of Los Santos. Drawn by some inexplicable force, she ventured into the concrete jungle, her senses overwhelmed by the cacophony of urban life. She remained cautious, sticking to the shadows, and surviving off the scraps of a city that seemed alien to her.

One fateful day, driven by hunger, she stumbled upon the City Hall while scavenging for food. Unaware of the potential consequences, she entered the premises, only to be discovered by the watchful eyes of the Los Santos Police Department (LSPD). Confused and terrified, Valkyre's feral instincts took over, and she attempted to escape, but she was quickly surrounded by the law enforcement officers. I a last ditched effort for escape Valkyre lunged at one of the officers, stabbing him in the neck, however it was not enough. As she recieved her first shock of a tazer and was quickly deemed powerless for the first time in her life.


Unable to communicate her predicament, Valkyre was deemed a potential threat, and she was placed behind bars in an isolated cell. The authorities were at a loss as to how to handle this enigmatic woman, whose presence seemed almost mythical. Despite human rights still technically applying to Valkyre, she was informed that she will be held in a holding cell indefinitely since she can not be identified.


To Be continued...

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