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Internal Affairs | Reporting Employees

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Internal Affairs (( IC & OOC ))

Have you had a poor experience with an employee at Los Santos Customs? Our Internal Affairs team would be happy to review your report.
No employee of LSC is exempt of a report, from Trainee to High Command, and every report will be handled with a full investigation and no bias at all. The reporting party will be kept anonymous throughout the investigation and will be contacted only to notify that the report is being looked at and to be asked for more information if necessary. 

Here at Los Santos Customs, we strive for excellence, and we take professionalism in the workspace very seriously.
Our customer service and ability to communicate to customers is very important to us at LSC, as we always aim to deliver the best and most friendly mechanic service in Los Santos. In order to ensure our mechanics are fulfilling expectations and following our policy, we have an Internal Affairs form for employees or customers to raise concern to our Management team about potential flaws in work practices at Los Santos Customs.

As a company, we take Internal Affairs reports very seriously, as we want the company to be the best it possibly can be, and we encourage anyone who is a victim to any sort of neglect from an employee to file an Internal Affairs report. Unfortunately, the publicity of the outcomes of these reports may be kept confidential, depending on the nature of the report. We reserve all rights on publication of these results. 

(( Employees can be reported for both IC & OOC Interactions or rule breaches ))


  • You MUST have the name of the employee you want to report.
  • Your contact details MUST be included
  • You MUST be willing to cooperate with Los Santos Customs to reach the correct verdict.
  • You MUST have evidence to provide to the IA team reviewing.
    • ((This means one of two things - either properly RP your bodycam being turned on prior to the incident and saving the footage post-incident with /time being done both times, or provide time stamps with your footage, so we can RP it as CCTV footage (in which we won't be able to account for sound or speech as the cameras do not RPly have microphones). ))
  • You MUST remain 100% Truthful of all course of events throughout the situation.


Los Santos Customs Internal Affairs Form

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