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[SELLING/TRADING] multiple maxed vehicles

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maxed kamacho-480k

maxed shinobi-480k

maxed comet-305k (HE)

maxed dominator gtx-129k(HE)

also willing to consider good offers, mainly looking for business properties or houses. also looking for maxed schlagen gt for a reasonable price.

prices are not negotiable.


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5 hours ago, Fancz_White said:

i am interested in maxed Shinobi, I work at Bayview my paycheck comes on Sunday. I can buy the bike on that day if you are ok with that. Its a request

1 more guy is currently also interested in it, can't really promise you much but if it did not get sold until sunday, you can have it.

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40 minutes ago, Fancz_White said:

are you looking for trades, as well i have maxed Grangler XL full maxed and Dubsta full Maxed if you like i can give both to you and get maxed comet 

about the trades, with vehicles currently i am only looking for schlagen gt, otherwise I am interested in mansions,3/4gs preferably in vinewood or at beach.

could consider standalone properties as well.

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