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Aron Simon

House Robbery - PD receiving a call when Noise Meter not filled up.

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Date and time (provide timezone):  16th of July, 2023 around 5PM GMT

Character name Aron_Simon

Issue/bug you are reporting:  Today, I've had PD raid a house I was robbing after saying that they've received a call. I did not trip an alarm, it was not set off, I was interacting with objects and the safe and the noise meter never filled up and the NPC was never standing up. I was doing everything normally.. Until PD arrives, saying they've been alerted and got a call (assuming a scripted call) and lost all the things I was going to take, licenses, weapons, got jailed for the first time ever, fined and everything. Can someone assist on this? I do not believe it is fair that this occurred without any explanation. I did a report as it happened but ArcAngel said that a "silent alarm" that goes off at random when you enter or exit (completely disconnected from the noise meter) could be set off.  Can I get an official explanation as I think this was the system not working as expected, rather than anything else.

Expected behavior:  PD not receiving a call from the house that I am robbing when no alarms were set off by myself.

Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicateUnfortunately, I did not record anything. Everything was going normal, I was drilling a safe and looting when they busted in. If an alarm at any point was off, you cannot interact with the instance anymore. I could. As soon as PD came in, I did a /report which was answered by ArcAngel telling me there's "silent alarms" which I am not sure I trust. The logs of the exchange in text surely can be seen. HOWEVER - take a look at this report from February (!!!) - same situation occurred to me. You can see a normal lockpick, no noise meter even being filled up yet the PD got a call and stormed the house. -> 


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This happened to me today as well. I picklocked the door without failing, and as i'm entering the house and about to pickup an item it says "The alarm has been raised". If there's an automatic failscript programmed in randomly it needs to be fixed or clarified. The alarm should not be sounding randomly if you don't fail picklocking the door.

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