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Server connection lost… Reconnecting

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Issue Being Reported: connection lost, reconnecting problem.

Date and Time of Issue (provide timezone): 18.25 ( report time but happens all the time) 

Your characters name: David Brusky

Other player(s) involved: N/A

Evidence and/or notes worth mentioning: every now and then on random occasions I get chucked from the game and it says connection lost, reconnecting… but it never ends up connecting. So I have to ether join back though F1 and sometimes it work sim 3rd-4th try. Or restart the game.I have taken off all the restrictions from my internet, I have used vpn. I have reinstalled the rage, the launcher and the GTA 5. I also reinstalled my whole computer and still the issue persists. 

I was told maybe it’s dns servers or something like that but not sure to go about it. 

maybe someone can help me with this? Thank you


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