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House Robbery interior door locking while inside

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Date and time (provide timezone): 7/10/23 | Time: Somewhere around 2-3am CST 

Character name: Charles Xiao

Issue/bug you are reporting: During a house robbery, the interior door seems to be fine when coming into the house but once inside and looting has started it locks.

Expected behavior:  Door should remain unlocked allowing the player to enter and exit as needed.

Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: While the door may be locked for my character, a friend was able to come inside and able to walk through the door allowing him inside. | Steps to replicate: Not sure as of this time, it seems to lock randomly throughout the robbery process have not tested to see if its a specific point in the house you have to walk to or a room you walk in that triggers the bug locking the door. | This has not occurred to me at all thought the weeks I have done house robberies until this specific date. This bug ultimately breaks the entire mechanic of the house and makes it unplayable. 

Video Evidence of myself and a friend who also experienced the same bug: Jackson_Hendrixs POV

My own POV: Here and Here | Attempt was made to exit the house twice, both times locked with about a 20-30 minute interval between the two.

Quick side note: Chunder can also add their input during the bug investigation. They have been wonderful and have helped me many many times when it was bugged for me. 

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