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The server is unable to load me in and it teleports me to a place called ranger's cursed spawn

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Date and time GMT+1: 6/10/2023 (not sure what exact hour)

Character name:  Fatal_Sabers

Issue/bug you are reporting: I am unable to launch into the server properly. I am stuck in dimension -1 and have not even passed the character selection screen. 

Expected behavior:  To be able to launch the server and play.

Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: 
This problem occurs when I use my home network which has all of the ports forwarded and I am not using any VPN. 
This problem does not occur when I launch Eclipse Roleplay LTU. 
Being jailed by an admin has not helped. Reinstalling RageMP has not helped. Deleting client_resources has not helped. 
I do not use RageMP for anything else but Eclipse Roleplay.9ADEA0BAB5B5BF576BB72CE7A6BF3DB938DD3A5A

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