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make car speaker better

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I know that RageMP is way more optimized than FiveM and the focus is on performance, but if it would possible, the car speaker should have more attention, people love listenin to music and hang out, specially in PIER, a good way of socialization... or while driving with friends, the fact that the car speaker system is already lil bugged playing delayed music, also u need to put the URL every time because the limit is 10 minutes video, would be nice more than 1 hour, so we could play a video of a Full Album or Music Mix, to not being in the car for paste URLs every 2 minutes.

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if all the songs start delayed, you probably need to check your system time, look up the atomic clock for your area and change the time of your system manually, its probably off like a minute or so.

would be cool if we could link to a playlist but I do understand that this takes alot of programming probably. Also there are actually people who wrote a carspeaker playlist tool on autohotkey, this is what you're looking for, check it out.



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10 hours ago, Tom Solar said:

look up the atomic clock for your area

do u know how can I check this? theres a website to find those atomic clocks or you talking about time zone? idk if its the same thing


about the playlist thing, wow, thats amazing, im doing that A$AP!

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Auto hotkey variant is just a desperate workaround to the system that is what it is. It's a workaround, not something that should be made in a first place if the speaker system would be made different, but we should be happy that there is even such system, hats off to developers for that alone. 

I fully understand post author, the current system is nice and all, but it is out of date. If technically it is possible, I wouldn't even mind if Spotify songs or even play lists cloud be loaded, and then there could be separate UI for car speaker where you can select specific song from said Spotify Playlist. At very least, YouTube playlists would be a astonishing, not to mention 10 minute limitation. 

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