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Import Ammo Issues

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Date and time (provide timezone): 31/12/18


Character name: Hoxton Curry


Issue/bug you are reporting: 

So with these new imports a limit has been introduced.

4 factions, all together, are able to order 100 of each item daily

this means that we can order 100 AKs daily but only 100 AK ammo daily

The amount of ammo is obviously WAY too low considering there is about 80+ people in those 4 factions

I believe this amount was meant to be 10000 since we can order 100 AKs daily and people usually load their weapons with 100 ammo

Same goes for Micro SMG ammo, SMG ammo, Shotgun ammo


Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate




Note: Some of the item's availability is under 100 because people already imported some

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