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Just had my application accepted yesterday. Was excited to try some RP and logged on to the server, got my drivers licence and started a job as a cash courier. First ATM asked me to press "Y" to service it. I pressed "Y" and nothing happened. Then my cash van disappeared. Was stranded in the middle of Los Santos. Tried phoning a cab, and after 10 minutes waiting and no cab arriving, I decided to steal a car. But there was no cars or NPCs and very few players other than the occasional cop flying by like maniacs.

I was under the impression that players were meant to play with a level of realism. These cops were driving completely unrealistically. Is this behaviour typical?

Also, is the server bugged? Where are all the NPCs?  It's like a post-apocalyptic city, except I can hear traffic and other noises from the city. I just can't see anyone. 

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