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Joshua Lovely

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Chapter 1: The History

my name is Joshua, Joshua Lovely. Growing up nobody knew my name so they often just called me "Boy." Growing up my parents always told me I had a way with writing, but I never put it towards use until this moment in time. I am writing my biography for the people of Los Santos to see where I came from and why I am the person I am today. For a better understanding, of my life I have to tell you my history.

Joshua was born on January 28th, 1987 in the city of Los Santos people tended to take me for granted a lot growing up due to my speech and disability "ADHD" but what happens only made me who I am today, and only made me a stronger person. My story is not an easy one, and explaining the past will explain who I am today and why I am who I am. Growing up in my family was not an easy task my mother was a well known hooker in the city and my father well he was a abusive prick who drank a lot and often would lay hands on me and my mother. Both my parents were following the way of crime and often got into trouble with the Law, but my father seemed to never have any issue paying off the Officers due to the wealth he got from selling drugs. This taught me one thing growing up if you want something you take it one way or another. You may often say it was hard to make friends due to my attitude and the way I conduct myself, but in the end it pays off because those who have my back know that when it comes time I'm not afraid to pull the trigger.

At just the age of ten I murdered both my parents and went on the run, my father had touched me for the last time with his fists. I took the baseball bat my mother had bought me at a young age and smashed his head into the ground over and over tell you could not even see who he was. My mother witnessed the crime and told me to run and never look back, she gave me the little money she had and I have never seen her again. I know she lives someplace in Los Santos and maybe one day we will be reunited. 

After running away from home the Police put a warrant out for my arrest at the young age of ten, but they have yet been able to find me due to the fact that if they do they tend to not make it home. yes, that's right the life of crime never stops growing up on the streets stealing what I needed to survive only made me stronger, and people learned to not speak my name unless they are very good friends of mine. 

People knew that I was a hard ass and didn't take shit from nobody, if you wanted to get down you would not step away from the scene alive. As it often would mean you would die if you even attempted to get on my bad side. My life is simple but it's only starting, as you see me around Los Santos fear me, because once I find a family to call home you better not get in my way!!

Stay TUNED for Chapter 2!

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