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Introduction of who I am, how old I am, and which country I'm from, and favourite colour.

  • Name: Iain ( iain, pronounced like ian.) I know it's weird, it's Scottish.
  • Age: 21
  • Country: Scotland
  • Favourite Colour: Purple

When did I join Eclipse RP, and The Forums?

  • I joined Eclipse RP on the 25/12/2018
  • I joined Eclipse RP Froums on the 25/12/2018

What do I do in my spare time when I'm not on GTA V?

  • I play football for fun.
  • I go on long walks
  • I listen to music (Alot) more on what I listen to below.
  • I work in a store, usually my hours are 2-9pm (GMT)
  • I work a lot on my car, whether it's cleaning it, or polishing it.
  • I like learning languages, currently learning Dutch. However I know 7 others.
  • I also do photography, and loving it.
  • I play other video games, mostly simulation games.
  • I am also a part time DJ, it's pretty cool.

What kind of music do I like?

  • I'm not too picky when it comes to music, I like it all really.
  • Favourite Genre of music is rap.

Personal Information.

  • My favourite movie has to be: Happy Gilmour!
  • Favourite Book: Anything that I can languages from.
  • Favourite Food: Chilli, extra hot.
  • Favourite Car: Toyota Supra MK4
  • Favourite TV Show: Simpsons, always will be. Watched it since I was 6.
  • Favourite Youtuber // Twitch Streamer: Bay Area Buggs
  • Favourite Game: GTA V pr Rainbow 6 Siege.


What I want to achieve from playing on Eclipse RP

  • I would like to achieve meeting new people, and friends on the server, and on the forums.
  • I would like to expand my knowledge or RP further, and I feel like this is a great place to learn/do this.
  • I would like to join a faction

Finally, guys. I look forward to seeing you, and getting to know you guys, on here, on the forums, and on the discord server.

Until the next time. Keep it real, guys! :)

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