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ECLIPSE Roleplay Update Notes - 1.0.2


-Added medics to /911 calls. So now they can also respond

-Disabled trucking trailer despawning

-Freight fill rate increased

-Fuel min units increased

-Max unit for vehicles increased

-Pay per mire for fuel slightly increased

-Restrict commands while in jail

-Added /cruise for limiting your vehicle speed

-AFK script now looks at player position changes

-Fixed all capitals surname bug

-Lowered insurance cost to 100

-Fixed medics ambulance locked bug

-Added missing commands to the help menu

-Potentially fixed vehicle fuel calculations

-Tweaked stability. FPS increase (15~ more)

-Added CPR to police

-Ban system improvements

-Moved fuel, mph, eclipse roleplay UI

-Decreased size of money and handmoney ui



-Added helipad for factions

-Faction chat uses faction color

-Added basic salaries for government factions

-Added duty points in /stats for government factions

-Added members online status to the factions UI

-Added /fmembers to view online members

-Faction creation costs $10.000

-Changed how equipment assignment works for government factions

-Added faction last activity for inactive faction recycling

-Medic duty status and uniforms now work the same way as the PD

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