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Player Run Economy / Realistic Mixed Market Economy

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I make this massive suggestion as someone who has over 2k+ hours on Eclipse alone but has taken a long break from it. I've seen what some servers are capable of and I am 100% sure with patience and good feedback my suggestion can be capable of giving Eclipses that edge over its competition. I am also fully aware of the vast amount of time it would take for my suggestion to be implemented and the brainstorming it will require.


PLAYER RUN ECONOMY / Realistic Mixed Market Economy

Create a system where all items are to be made from materials that players must gather. Otherwise known as a fully player run economy. 

This is a complete overhaul of most of the server as it is but would be extremely beneficial to civilian rp. This idea is popular in many MMO games and influences players to think like entrepreneurs to achieve riches. It allows for everyone to have a stake in the economy and lets those who have the right game plan build an economic empire. This starts with all places of commerce that can be leased out to or bought by players to run (Some already are like gas stations and corner stores). All goods in these stores must be created at another location. For example, a corner store sells beverages and snacks. Dedicate factories (They are all over the map) that manufacture these products that players can own and hire employees to manufacture these items. Want alcohol? Create a brewery and allow the government to distribute brewing licenses to give to owners of said brewery's. They can brew all sorts of beverages and sell them to the stores. Want guns? Create armament factories that are regulated by the government that work off of materials gathered from a mine. These items once created can be shipped to the store locations similar to how the trucker job works except this adds the extra step for civ rp. This can also allow for logistic organizations to come about and hire truckers to work for them to streamline deliveries or even organize miners. This same idea can be incorporated into literally all aspects of commerce to add that player run economy system. Some could argue that no one will do the job, I would say otherwise as it can be a great economic opportunity for the money minded individual and would give someone a reason to work. If people play their cards right they can advance as a miner and maybe open their own mining company and hire people to work for them. This opens up the idea of player run unions and politics. Also, it allows for further trade and competition to bring prices down. The government would have the right to abolish monopolies of course. Make a mixed market economy on the server with government oversight (Helps create more stuff to do for the government like inspectors, finance departments, public works, etc.) This idea is already incorporated in other servers and adds to realism. However, I do understand the time it would take to price these ideas out in order to gauge profits over retail prices while keeping prices for players reasonable. I would just think that players would want to have some sort of real life experience and opportunity in the server as much as is physically possible for a roleplay server. The reason why I feel it should be put on Eclipses is that I still have a special connection to this server as it was my first introduction into GTA V RP. If you agree with this idea or not and have further suggestions regarding it please leave them below.  I am open to all criticism. 



Create a /openbusiness command that allows places such as Night Clubs, Bars, Any business which does not have a business script set up, or any creative shop selling low value items such as ice cream shops, restaurants etc. I'm imaging this command to create a painted area where a store menu can pop up and the owner can put items in the menu for those to roleplay and buy. This would make it easier and more viable for nightlife to actually be worth the money you put in. 

With this new system it will need advertisements to recruit. I suggest making a menu or simply using weazel news to put up targeted ads. Also, these business owners could benefit from an automated system similar to the faction payment system for government jobs to pay their employees. I could see this only being allowed for prominent businesses such as manufacturing plants or brewery's that are regulated by the government.


Allow general stores to be able to be worked at by players similar to burgershot. Players should be dealt a commission and regular pay. 

Create a passive tutorial for new players that takes them around the map and gives them tips and tricks to ease the learning curve. This can help those encounters with a new player who is absolutely clueless about what to do or how to get around the city.

I think to help civ and crim rp, I think more gambling options should be put on the server such as blackjack, craps, and other casino games. Also, I think a game of shooting dice would benefit street gang rp. This idea can also allow for player-run casinos that can obtain a casino license from the government.

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