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Joey Figliani

Coming back after a year off

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I took a year break and have been playing with me and a couple friends for the past couple days, and I gotta say, I'm extremely disappointed. I feel like the RP that goes on in this server is comparable, if not worse than a lot of those un-whitelisted servers nobody should play on. When I loaded back into the city in the first time in a year, I was extremely disappointed to find the pier to be an absolute ghost town, where it used to be 40+ people having fun and talking and making connections, and felt like a big party. I asked around and found the new spot to be the burger shot, I thought to myself, "no problem, new main hub, lets check it out!". The things I have seen at the burger shot were sad to say the least. 

What I found there was just people dancing on top of their cars blasting dubstep or trap, which is fine I guess, still kind of jarring. But the absolute worst part was the interactions. Tons of 16 year old kids just walking up to me for no reason screaming "WHATS UP PUSSY!" over and over again, just to try and bait you into saying something back so they can start a physical conflict. One time I was there for about an hour to try and find a connection to buy drug tables, and within that hour alone I saw 4 dudes get shot in the face because of the same old, "whats up pussy? You look like a bitch! Fight me f***ot".  And that's how most interactions seem to go now. It's very possible that I have just gotten a string of bad luck, but it's been a couple days, and I have yet to see anyone actually roleplaying as something other than an online asshole version of themselves. 

I wish there was a little better of a screening process, and more bans to losers who think it's fun to treat GTARP as if it is VRChat. I can understand the whole "gang RP", but it gets to a point where it's just not fun, and nobody is trying to create a fun experience or atmosphere for those around them. Before I left a year ago, I remember hanging out with a ton of people who all had very fun and interesting characters. That being an Australian outback guy who wanted to make meth, an african DJ who was a satanist, an old hasidic jew with a ton of health issues and talked with a lisp, and even an old biker guy who sounded like Lemmy from motorhead. and many more. When coming back I messaged them and asked if they would want to come back to play on this server again, I get nearly the same response, "no, that server does not care for actual RP". I dont mean for this to come across as a diss, because I love this server and think it has a ton of potential to be one of the best. It's just really sad to see, and feel like I'm not welcome with the amount of arbitrary toxicity that happens on a hourly basis. 


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While I agree with you that there are certainly some people who don't seem to be on the server for primarily RP purposes, or just don't take it seriously enough, there are also still people that care and do put in good effort. I think burgershot has become sort of a gathering area for these non-rp underage players. I would recommend trying to find other places to invest your time to get a better response. 

To be fair on the same note though, there were many times on the pier back in the day when that was also a gathering of immature non-rp players as well. Playing as a LEO in the server, we all hated going to the pier for presence or responding to calls due to all of the non-rp ridiculous things that occurred there every time. Literally couldn't go down to the pier without these people jumping onto the police car and dancing and saying vulgar words for no reason other than to be immature and obnoxious, despite how unrealistic and non-rp it was. 

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nah... here is the reality

with some changes most people started minding their own bussines, grinding,
or interacting in their own groups.
EXCEPT, those little toxic guys who also where at the pier just like before but they havent moved on.
because they dont have a plan for their RP so they kinda stuck there, 
but at the pier they would be merged into the croud and you would not notice it that hard

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