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Heavy guns showing even if they are stored

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Date and time (provide timezone): 10-AUG-2022 BST

Character name: Tony Kong

Issue/bug you are reporting: Heavy weapons , pistols still show on your characther after storage in a bike / bag

Expected behavior:  The weapons are supposed to not show after storage

Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate





I tried to relog several times it didnt fix the issue.I reported in game and SirQubed responded.

We tried several ways of fixing the issue and nothing worked till he injured and revived me. When he teleported to me he couldnt see them whoever multiple people till then saw it even tho as in the pictures the weapons were not on my person.

I had the same issue on PD after i went off shift the carabine still showed on my back.

This is a huge issue as cops tried to pull me over cause they 'saw' a heavy gun with a silencer on my back whoever i had nothing. Them seeing this would frisk me and find the items which they were not supposed to see from the first place


-Later edit

Last picture you can see Peter Standford that just went off duty from PD and the shotgun showed on his back
Vehicle license plate number*: N/A

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