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Materials & Crafting Weapons

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So, I believe that there should be an easier way for the criminals to make and sell weapons.

It seems like the only good way to do so is by buying from an official faction (who have "cartel" giving them everything for cheap)

I think that there should be something put into place where you have to;

1. Work/Run for Materials, Driving from a decent distanced point A to point B in order to get the materials AND pay for them at the best price)

1B. This also allows people to sell materials in case they want to just run these points in order to buy the materials and re-sell them for a higher value.

2. They have to use the materials (THAT THEY HAD TO PAY MONEY FOR A LIMITED AMOUNT EACH TIME) in order to craft a weapon.

2B. Bigger weapons should obviously take more materials than others, and when doing these Material Runs you should only be able to grab a limited amount of Materials each time.


 You drive from a point in Downtown Los Santos (Where you went to the point, pressed E on it so that there was a "Job" or "Situation" on the map)

 Once you have the Auto-Marker for the Situation/Job - Drive to the marker (maybe in Sandy Shores or Palomino?) where there will be another point

 At this second Point once you interact with it (click E again to purchase the materials) It will let you buy a limited amount of materials for that 1 run.

 Each Run should OFFER you 100 Materials for $1,000 (if you have the $1,000 in pocket cash or in the bank, you should be able to purchase the materials)

 If you'd like to keep getting more materials, you need to re-start by driving back to the original Point-A in Downtown Los Santos in order to start a new Material Run.

 If you'd like to craft a weapon using the materials, I think it should work a little like this;

- 200 Materials = Accessories (Suppressors, Extended Mags, Etc.) 

- 500 Materials = Normal Pistol

- 600 Materials = .50 Pistol

- 800 Materials = Heavy Pistol

- 25000 Materials = Uzi

- 50000 Materials = AK-47/M4

- 75000 Materials = Sniper


I also believe that you should implement a type of table that you can purchase from a inconspicuous character, which should be a Weapons Crafting Table, which you use to build the weapons using the materials.

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