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Contender Exterior / Interior Modifications

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Date and time (provide timezone): 23/07/2022

Character name: Richard_Kendrick

Issue/bug you are reporting:  I had an issue with a Contender Modifcation which I couldn't find in the Exterior / Interior mods. I called Staff to help me in-game with a /report 2 and one came to help me out and had another Staff come in with their Contender to see what I was missing. We eventually solved the issue as it was an 'Extra' and I was moronic to not find it.


However the Staff Member of whom I contacted in-game asked me to file a bug report because he believes there are Exterior / Interior modifications of the Contender in the standard GTA game that aren't implemented into Eclipse. So this is what this bug report is about to see if the Developers are able to implement Exteriors / Interior modifications to the Contender on the server if there are any at all, as they'd be quite cool to have for those who own them in-game. Thanks for your time.

Expected behavior:  X

Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: X

Vehicle license plate number*: X

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After looking into this on GTA:O(nline) it is unfortunately revealed that the contender has no modifications aside from the standard performance upgrades, wheels, and adding/removing the cap on the bed of the truck. Sorry for any inconvenience!

Locked & Archived.

- Ranger

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