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Giving Gifts to partners, wrapping/unwrapping our presents

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This is for relationship RP

There are couple who wants to give gifts to their partner. In Los Santos there are jewelry shops and flower shops let's make them live. There are furniture which are vase and floors but until they are not placed at house they look like a crate. If a teddy or flower vase can look like it even when we drop it on floor or in inventory or place it as furniture it will boost relationship RP a lot. When a person is angry if we could give them their desiring gift it will build help in building relations between two characters. Plus necklace, earrings, accessories of wrist, rings, etc. can be bought from jewelry stores then it will boost shopping RP also. If hats and mask can be bought from shop in vespucci beach it will also boost store RP. Like not keeping all the things in one place, let people travel other shops to buy what they want. I felt this when I was taking a girl out with me for shopping in game. I saw that everything was at one store only. Plus a girl is angry with me so I want to gift her a teddy and a vase with a note. Note is available but decorative items can only be bought from furniture and that too look like crate which is a major turn off for girl.

I want wrappers also. If we could add wrappers to game, like instead of crate if it look like gift box when I used wrapper (like microfiber cloth is used to clean) but once wrapper is used it is over and the gift will become a box. Like 2years ago lockpicking was done (a loading in circle), like that if we could unwrap the gift box that would be interactive RP too.

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