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Licence Plate Remove/Replace/Steal/Inventory/Buy/CameraStop

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As someone who loves "driving" my car (sideways) and intend to start a group of some kind a little it of plate security would be nice if i was able to 1. Just remove the plate off my car with a screwdriver and have it sit in my inventory 2. being able to replace multiple plates onto different vehicles and have the plate come back to different vehicles 3. being able to steal plates off UNLOCKED vehicles (have it work like pushing your car)/ having them take up 2slots in inventory/ buying plates Legally or Illegally legally at the DMV for like 500 dollars or illegally for like 2 grand OR fake (customisable) plates for 10k/ With Fake plates on you wouldn't be able to get speeding tickets.

thank you for coming to my ted talk! 

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I understand your view point of RP opps here, but I have concerns that this would impact LEO's capability to do their job script wise with what we have in place as it is. Also I would rather the limited dev resources we have be spent on more needed thing such as crim drug updates, house robberies in progress and the much needed DOC update. This would be pretty low on the list and would involve quite a bit of dev work I imagine. 

Gotta be a -1

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