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Don't take this server for granted.

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I'll skip the formalities and stuff, like I'm not gonna introduce myself in a bio-like thing but I'll say this.
I've been playing samp for almost 12 years, shortly after quitting the last server that is regardless taking its last couple breathes, I've decided to get a better computer than the wooden one that I had been using for years merely for running low-end video games like samp, WoW, FFXIV etc, until I finally got here to Eclipse.

Eclipse is in fact the very first roleplay server I've step foot into in GTA V, and I've made a horrible mistake. I started off at the wrong foot to be honest, which I normally don't do, but I'm not young alright, I'm 27 years old ( yes I do have a life, job, house, car, etc. but I still enjoy quite alot the rp scenario which seems to be dying out as we speak, so I try to enjoy the best of it whilst I'm still allegedly young, or should I say.. " single and virgin "  ) which is not why I created this thread. 

See, I mentioned my age because I've come to a point where I'm fairly done "taking shit" from people I've never seen nor will I ever see, I've accomplished a thing or two in my life, combine that with my age, all of a sudden taking orders or getting the sensation that I need to be held accountable in front of kids who had just graduated kindergarten when I actually started roleplaying ( somewhere in 2009 ), kinda had me snapped a couple of times. 
That essentially lead to me having a few beefs with people in-game, and especially with an admin named "ArcAngel" who at some point decided it is best to have me banned, and after I appealed, it has been decided that I won't come back before September 25th.

The reason that lies behind the creation of this thread is that, there's a high chance I've been acting out the way that I have, in light of the fact that a part of me may have taken this server for granted, thinking there's something better in both RAgemp and Fivem.

Let me tell you some, there isn't. In every aspect.

In fact, within the past 72 hours I've experienced little yet a lot of over 10 servers ( I have a life, I work night shifts, and I'm allowed to use my lappie when I'm free during the shift. ) 

and let me tell you something, I've tested every server there is in terms of every aspect, whether socially, script-wises, everything. Nothing in my taste, seemed as nice and friendly as this one, despite its' flaws.

Why am I telling you this? not because I wish to show you that being an asshole is wrong, neither am I trying to emphasize or promote Eclipse, but my point is - don't be a dick and put everything that you have at risk, if you don't know what lies on the other side.

Meanwhile, I'll stay banned for 3 months ahead, with no guarantee that I would ever be unbanned, but I just wanted to share this with yall for 2 reasons.

1. I'm bored as fuck right now, and I'm at work doing my night shift.

2. Because I like to make sure that if I've burnt my flesh, I'll at least let other people experience on the expense of it.

Good day, and don't be square-thinking douchebags like me.

P.S  The guy (Josh) who sold me his bike for 20k and left me with 12k debt waiting for the bank to open - I'll return you the 12k that I owe you on September 25h, no cap.

And for the guy whom I have been racist and a cunt to - my sincere apologies, it's nothing personal.


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So the TLDR of this, is don’t be a dick because the grass isn’t greener on the other side? I know an entire collection of forum role players that could have benefitted from such wisdom. 

Best of luck with your return in the Fall. 

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