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Egon Gates

William Gates back in town!

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Glad to see many familiar names here from NGG Let me introduce myself...

I'm new to Eclipse but previously spent time playing NG-RP. Many of you may recognize me as William Gates. I was mainly involved in FDSA during my time where I was Deputy Chief. I was also Vice President of the taxi company and did a short stint in the government, SAAS, and few others. 

My admin name was Gates and I was a Lead Head Admin prior to NGG closing. Prior to my retirement I was the Director of Admin Personnel.

I also held a few non-admin staff positions during my time such as a KLSR DJ and beta team.

Life has caught up with me and it's been years since I've RP'd. With work and married life I don't have much time to dedicate but I've been feeling a little nostalgic about RP lately so I look forward to seeing what I can do here! My new name here is Egon Gates!

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